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OMEGA Watches

OMEGA Watch Affairs Guide

Swiss-made Omega watches accept been to the Moon and to the greatest base of the Earth’s oceans. About every Olympic almanac was timed by one. Endless celebrities, athletes and apple leaders adopt them for their around-the-clock style, allegorical accurateness and precision.

Since Louis Brandt founded the aggregation in 1848, Omega has produced collectible automated and quartz watches with designs and appearance that accept afflicted the way watches are worn, bogus and maintained. Today, Omega produces about 750,000 watches per year and has anniversary sales of almost $2 billion, authoritative it the world's additional better watch cast (after Rolex).

Originally called “La Generale Watch Co.,” the aggregation was rebranded “Omega” in 1903 afterwards it alien the 19-linge calibre. It was the aboriginal modular movement area every basic could be replaced with automated parts, an addition that adapted the way watchmakers repaired timepieces.

In the decades since, Omega has appear dozens of variations of the Seamaster, Speedmaster, Afterlife and De Ville collections. Stainless animate versions of the automated Speedmaster and Seamaster abide the best approved Omega acclimated watches, admitting adored metal variations, quartz watches and the added collections are additionally accepted amid watch enthusiasts, collectors and acclimated Omega watch buyers. Every Omega watch carries a different consecutive cardinal that can be acclimated for dating. Omega offers its “Extract from the Archives” account to accommodate vintage and acclimated Omega watch owners with a factory-certified history of any Omega timepiece.

OMEGA Facts & How to Analysis OMEGA Watch Authenticity

Omega watches accept a continued history of innovation, appearance and attention for men and women. While the aggregation has continued offered a advanced artefact line, assertive ancestry cantankerous the curve amid collections:

  • All Omega watches are fabricated in Switzerland.
  • All Omega watches are baptize aggressive to capricious depths, depending on the model.
  • Omega recommends a water-resistance analysis every year and a complete account every 5 to 8 years.
  • The Co-Axial beat is a above addition alien commercially by Omega in the 1999 Omega De Ville’s calibre 2500 movement. The Co-Axial beat improves accurateness over time. Because it requires no oil and reduces abrasion in the movement, it extends account intervals considerably.
  • Omega watches are admired for their accurateness and believability in acute environments, from amplitude flight to the basal of the Berth Trench, 10,925 meters beneath the ocean. They are able to bear amazing pressure, temperatures, shock, distance and allure after fail.
  • All Omega watches accept consecutive numbers that can be acclimated to date best and pre-owned models. Agenda that the consecutive numbers on newer models can be begin on the aback of the case. Best Omega watch consecutive numbers may be central the case or on the movement. Because it may booty ample accomplishment to locate the consecutive cardinal on best models, sellers generally do not accommodate them in their listings.
OMEGA Watches

Top Models of New & Acclimated OMEGA Watches for Sale

OMEGA Watches


The Seamaster debuted in 1948 and is Omega’s longest-running assembly model. Abounding apperceive it as the James Band watch—it has adorned 007’s wrist in every blur back 1995, but the history goes far deeper. A accurate diver’s watch, the Seamaster was aggressive by the waterproof wristwatches of the British military. Omega accustomed itself in 1932 as the dive watch baton with the Abyssal watch, which was waterproof to 135 meters. While the Abyssal congenital a double-sealed case, the Seamaster’s elastic O-ring gasket badly bigger baptize attrition and accepted to be artless by the changes in abyss and temperature that acquired added dive watches to fail.

Modern Omega Seamaster watches absorb attention movements that affection Omega’s co-Axial escapement, anti-magnetic abstracts that assure the movement from alluring armament and baptize attrition up to 300 meters. Best Omega Seamaster watches are awful collectable for their appearance and function. Stainless animate versions are decidedly popular, admitting gold, platinum, titanium and added metals are additionally available.

OMEGA Watches


The Speedmaster was advised for antagonism and sports. It aboriginal appeared in 1957 and featured the calibre 321 movement, an adapted adaptation that is still acclimated in the avant-garde Speedmaster Moonwatch. The case was adapted to the accustomed absurd architecture in 1962 and is abundantly banausic on avant-garde models.

Omega Speedmaster watches accomplished ample ballyhoo for campaign aboard the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Afterwards Mercury astronaut Wally Schirra wore his claimed Speedmaster in 1962 on a mission that orbited the Apple six times, Omega added “Professional” to the alternation name. Anon thereafter, NASA began an all-encompassing testing and accomplishment affairs to analyze a wristwatch able of administration acute altitude, temperatures, pressures and shock. In 1965, the Omega Speedmaster became the alone watch able for amplitude flight, solidifying the affiliation amid NASA and Omega and ambience the advance for the conception of the Moonwatch. The Speedmaster accumulating includes dozens of models, forth with several admired limited-edition alternation produced with assorted Omega movements and appearance in a array of metals.

OMEGA Watches


Omega launched the Constellation alternation in 1952. The aboriginal designs featured a brilliant aloof aloft 6:00, an adorned caseback with an engraved Anchor of Geneva and a different “pie pan” dial. The alternation was originally advised for men, but Omega anon broadcast to accommodate styles formatted for women. Over time, different shapes, sizes, architecture elements and chip bracelets were introduced.

The band broadcast appreciably back quartz movements became accepted in 1970. Quartz movements accustomed Omega to action ultra-thin variations and space-age attractive designs that appealed to the styles of the decade.

In 1984, Omega reintroduced automated movements to Afterlife and has been bearing the alternation with a best of quartz, automated and chiral movements in a advanced array of styles, sizes and abstracts anytime since.

OMEGA Watches

De Ville

Omega alien the De Ville alternation in 1967, admitting the aboriginal Omega watch alleged “De Ville” was allotment of the Seamaster accumulating in 1960. The Omega De Ville series was advised to address to a advanced admirers with a simple, adult architecture that stood in adverse to the company’s sports-oriented Seamaster and Speedmaster.

Today’s De Ville alternation includes the Ladymatic, Prestige, Tresor, Hour Vision, De Ville and Tourbillon collections. Accessible with automated and chiral automated movements as able-bodied as quartz, the De Ville alternation is Swiss fabricated and includes a advanced array of case sizes, abstracts and styles, from dress to sporty.