Dior has been authoritative dreams back 1947. With the Newlook revolution, the Parisian abode has accustomed itself in the apple of haute couture as the attribute of ultimate elegance; from one division to the next, its active creations of characterless acumen reinvent the conventions of fashion. Kim Jones, the aesthetic administrator of the men's collections, interprets the brand's ancestry to action a men's apple of archetypal and abreast elegance.

Our alternative of ready-to-wear appearance will abduct lovers of around-the-clock authentic affluence dressmaking as able-bodied as streetwear enthusiasts. The angled Dior burden adorns a affection poplin shirt or a high-top trainer, the logo appearance in tone-on-tone intarsia on an absurd biscuit knit, while the bee, the adumbration of the house, nestles on a atramentous zip-up hoodie. In Dior's men's shoe collection, affected sneakers rub amateur with actual academic accent derbies, while accessories appear in aerial chains or anatomic backpacks.

Find affected and avant-garde creations in our Dior ambit for men.
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