Lessons Learned from the three-ring MozCon Circus


Ross Simmonds – Why Marketers ought to think more like investors in order to drive Content Performance

In this talk, Ross talked about the connection between SEO/content marketing and investment. I’m a huge fan of analogies, so I was pleased to know that Ross will explain how an investment mindset can be applied to improve SEO or content marketing. I am a huge fan of SEO as well as the world of investing I was thrilled to watch this presentation.

Ross began by telling the story of his investment in General Motors stock. He made a huge investment into the stock…and it plunged. Ross didn’t do enough research on GM prior to making the choice to make the investment.

The lesson is to spend the time to conduct your homework! You should know the marketplace before diving into. The same applies to SEO.

Everyone wants the yield of our investment and income, however in 2020, we are all afflicted with the problem. Many companies have put investment into SEO on pause…and this is a mistake. Even during a recession, there is a huge demand to know more and get information.

As Ross stated, every piece of content that you produce is an asset worth preserving and if you’d like to achieve the most value from it so you need to ensure that you

Areej AbuAli taking over the reigns of your indexability. How to Improve the Work You Perform on Your Technology

If you’re trying to control the way that your website’s indexing processes are handled, this session is for you! Concentrating on aggregators and classifieds Areej provided tips on the best way to cut down the volume of indexing on large websites.

When we suggest audits focus on suggestions that can change the world. The time is now for us to “drop that 100 page audit!”. Websites don’t (and likely should not) require that every page be indexed. Instead, focus on indexing pages that have potential to provide top-quality search results.

Joy Hawkins To Post or Not to Post: What We Learned Examining More Than 1,000 Google Posts

What are the benefits that Google Posts offer and what do you think average SMB would prefer to use them for? Joy Hawkins dove headfirst into the results of two research studies to answer these questions.

Joy has shared thoughts and ideas with Joy with her Mario Kart analogy. Joy is a competitive person. She said she employed the same strategy in this study , just as she did when trying to defeat Dave DiGregorio Mario Kart. Let’s say that it was a lot of tracking, study and analysis.

Joy provided a disclaimer along with some preliminary ideas on the presentation’s information:

  • The set of data included the average conversion of 36
  • Google Analytics clicks do not necessarily equal Google Analytics DO NOT equal clicks on Google My Business Insights

Study #1

The research that Joy conducted was one which analyzed more than 1,000 Google Posts to discover which type of content performed better with regard to the amount of conversions and clicks and also the impact of different alternatives such as images, emojis and stock images and titles and other. These are the types of Google Posts that Joy analyzed:

  • Offer Posts
  • COVID Posts
  • Event Posts
  • Update Posts

Joy has also listed the worst performing post types , which are among the most inefficient. The top three include:

  • Reviews
  • Seasonal/Holiday
  • (or services) (or services)
  • “Who We Are.” (bios)

Study #2

The second study investigated whether the presence of Google might affect how your company is in the local search results. The conclusion? Google Posts did not have any measurable impact on rankings.

Joy was summarized in the form of an “Successful Google Post Blueprint” This is something you should keep to come back in the near future!

Joyce Collarde Maximize Your Conversions: Harnessing Full-Funnel Optimization for B2B Success

In the talk, Joyce covered the long sales cycles of B2B firms which present a unique set of problems in the process of converting visitors to customers. It is a process that goes beyond your site’s landing page and covers your entire website.

Joyce revealed three strategies for increasing conversion rates, efficiency and gain customers:

  • Goal #1: To bring visitors to your website
  • Goal 2: To provide users with the most enjoyable experience they can get and guide users to the appropriate point of conversion
  • Goal #3: Tracking the success and encouraging return visitors

Casie Gillette has a smart Content: What the new fashions have thrown off the years of negative advice

I am in awe of the sincerity of this tweet comes from Casie!

The talk she delivered Casie looked at the subject from a totally different perspective. She also explained how to make content based on your preferences, as there is no set way to approach content marketing.

As per Casie Marketing Contrarian is “the concept of challenging trends to create what is best for your website”. Casie showed that having more content may not be the most effective choice. Sometimes, optimizing content might be more effective when compared in the production of brand new content.

There’s no one-size solution for content marketing. The marketplace is constantly evolving and requires us for you to consider thinking in a new way.

What do we need to do to achieve this? Casie suggests a couple of most important points:


  • What were your objectives ? What did you accomplish?
  • Utilize Google Search Console to find opportunities


  • Do not duplicate what your competitors are doing. But you should be attentive to what they’re up to for inspiration.What are the most effective practices , and what could be improved upon?
  • Make use of social media sites like LinkedIn which will provide information regarding the advertisements your competition is running.

Search and Keywords

  • Remember to go back every year to review the keywords you’re making use of to reach your customers.
  • Be aware that the thing that is driving traffic, it does not mean that it’s the right traffic.

Brie E Anderson reports for duty The reasons you should begin using GA4 NOW

Although she was a bit nervous before the event, Brie absolutely blew us with her enlightening talk!

She also advised us to get started on GA4 now — prior to when we require to.

Brie said to us that she thinks that in GA4 we’ll find:

  • EASY Advanced, TRACKING,
  • BADASS (and CUSTOM) Visuals
  • Google may reveal secrets

However, it must be noted that it’s not an the same as Universal Analytics Therefore, it is essential to be aware of both.

You can ask yourself what are the benefits of GA4? GA4? I’ll let Brie’s advocates discuss some of the highlights of GA4:

Rob Ousbey — Beyond the Basics Five SEO tips to Find the most sophisticated SEO information from your Data

In this session, Rob showed us how to bring new ideas into the SEO data we already have . We came away with better insights and some brand new tools that are sure to impress everyone in the group (and even the manager!)

Which are five SEO methods?

  1. Link opportunities can be found on the SERP
  2. Keywords for group ranking to discover opportunities to split
  3. Tag URLs to determine the root cause
  4. Tag GA for insight in the categories
  5. Tag the top competitor’s URLs for ideas

It is a must to check out Rob’s presentation about MozCon. MozCon video bundle, which will be rolling out on Friday. He will give you some fantastic tips!

Britney Muller – The hard and cold truth about CTR and other Metrics commonly Utilized

Britney finished on the 2nd day demonstrating how we can solve our problems through reporting, and assist us to determine the reasons behind why the performance of your website has changed.

What is it that made superforecasters so successful? Their ability to alter their thinking. To achieve the same feat, Britney challenged us to:

  • Imagine yourself as a scientist
  • We define our identity by values and not only opinions.
  • Find out information that is in opposition to our views

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