5 Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy


There’s plenty of room for tools that cost money in the SEO sector. For instance, Moz is a great example. If you’re just beginning your journey or don’t have the money for costly tools, you will find plenty of resources.

In this post, we’ll look at five of our best free Google tools, and show how they can assist you in getting to the top of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is utilized to observe “trends” related to search queries. This makes it a great tool for conducting study of search terms.

Looking for new words

If you go to Google Trends there’s the option to search that lets you input the broad subject or the specific keyword. When you input your search term, you’ll be an image which will display the most relevant search terms in the course of time.

Although this can be useful, more valuable gems can be found on the bottom of the page. Related Subjects and Related Questions.

By default, both boxes will be set on “rising.” This indicates that these queries and subjects are receiving more focus. These are terms you might be seeking to make use of quickly, as you could be the first and gain positions fast.

Advanced research into keywords

At the very least, Google Trends is helpful but, you can always increase it. In the very top of the right-hand left side of Google Trends, there is the option to choose the location, time frame or category, as well as search engines.

Region lets you select the areas you’d like to collect search data from geographically. This can be extremely useful when it comes to local SEO projects.

Categories allow you to select the kind of competition you’re participating in. This is a good choice for those offering the product in a certain area, or facing problems that are frequently encountered.

Search lets users restrict results of their search to specific platforms like YouTube Search, Image Search, Google Shopping Search, and News Search. Search platform changes are beneficial for those with an integrated SEO strategy.

  1. Rising Retail Categories

It’s not easy to pinpoint exactly what what the Next Big Thing is going to be in the realm of online shopping, but you are able to stay informed by staying up to date with the increasing popularity of online retailing categories.

Google’s information collection on retail. It includes current trends in different categories of merchandise along with relevant searches and what they’re trending on.

For eCommerce, as an SEO, this will give you an idea of which items to focus on for maximum impact.

As an SEO strategy for local businesses, you can use these statistics to determine the products you should target in every area.

  1. Visual Stories

Google defines the Visual Stories by describing them as “Bite-size visual stories designed for busy marketers, powered by current topics and information obtained from Google.”

The stories cover everything from trends in the holiday season to specific case studies from the business and much more. These are interactive slides that each includes a few details or insights.

For instance, there’s a Visual Story about the automobile industry. In the story there are numerous facts and figures that provide an understanding of the way that the pandemic impacts the buying process of automobiles.

The data isn’t just focused on search data, but also includes other information sources. It’s clear that this is a thorough study by Google. The information provided provides insights into the needs requirements, wants and needs of the general public.

The data can be utilized to enhance the customer experience, including elements that are crucial to the customer in the past. It is also possible to deal with problems that were not previously known or, at an even higher level, give SEOs understanding of what keywords to target.

  1. Develop My Store

The Grow My Store is a fantastic tool to help sellers sell items online and in the store. Grow My Store tests sites for Google Identifiers for Successful Online Stores.

These identifiers are separated into five groups: Information About Products Store Details, Personalization Security, Customer Service and.

It basically provides Google’s recommendations of the essentials for websites that sell products. The elements included are reviews of products , profiles for buyers as well as live chat and HTTPS.

To gain access to Grow My Store, you have to answer three basic questions: What’s the scope of your company, what type of business do they have , and what industry are you working in? Once you’ve answered these questions and have a good understanding of the answers, you’ll access the sample report, which includes your total score, as well as information about your company. To get your full report, which includes recommendations, you’ll need to create an account. The report will be sent at your address.

Then, you’ll be granted an account with Google where you’ll be able to make (and observe) your own inventory of changes that need to be made according to Google.

Additionally you’ll also be able to gain access to specific information and insights based on your particular industry. To get this information from Grow My Store, in the menu, select “Reach more customers.” When you scroll down towards the end, you’ll find an area that reads “Understanding the latest trends in the industry.” You can select your sector and then a specific section to find specific details such as the top searches within the specific industry and the most popular months for this particular industry and more.

  1. Check My Website

Another tool that will assist you in evaluating your site’s performance from the viewpoint that of Google will be Test My Site. Like Grow My Store, Test My Site analyzes three distinct kinds of features you can incorporate on your site. The three categories include speed, personalization, and Experience. In contrast Grow My Store, Grow My Store, Test My Site is a feature that can be utilized on any website, not just those which sell products.

The initial report you get through Test My Site is a miniature report that details the speed of your mobile site as well as any suggestions to improve it. This tool allows you to demonstrate the potential benefits of increasing the speed of your website! Consider buying-in.

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In the end

While Google isn’t always clear on what they’re looking for on their sites They’ve created a variety of tools to give you the knowledge of what they believe is important. These tools will assist you in staying ahead.

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